Gidday, folks!

We thought we’d trial our new menu on our guests today.. so far so good.  Bit of work to be done to improve a fishy dish (removed till we’ve got it right!) but everything else is looking damn fine!

Have you tried it?  Got any feedback for us?  You know that’s the way we operate, so if you love something, or hate something – let us know!

We’ve also gotten rid of the pizza bases we were using – they used to come in a big box like 99% of other bar pizza bases and a lot of you (Steve B in particular!) said you were not a fan of the cardboard base! – So now, they’re made by lovely people at Pandoro!  Technically, they come in a box too, but it’s one of those big flat, slightly greasy to the touch type boxes, that sometimes you can imagine being filled with danish pastries….  drool…

Here’s a tip to see if the bar pizza you’re eating is from a really big, frozen-type carton, or if it’s from somewhere else or hand-made…. Lift up your slice, if you see perfectly punctured holes in the base, it’s from the box!  If you’ve got no holes or very random placed ones of different sizes – it’s a good one! Nom Nom!

Also, we’ve opened up our dinner menu!  Growing up we are, we now have a few things in addition to the chips, wedges and pizzas we were previously rocking!  Our new dinner menu has lovely steak and chicken and fish (not the broken fishy dish we were trying at lunch!) as well as mussels and tiger prawns.. roar! Oh, and the best bit, we’ve got  a yummy chocolate brownie and icecream as a dessert option.  More desserts will be added on soon, and next up we’re sorting out a kids menu so your little bundles can have their own choice rather than sharing from Mum and Dad!

Pretty sure we’re organising a new menu specifically for weekend brunch, too!  AND, I heard a murmur from the kitchen that pancakes are headlining!  Ooh and maybe we’ll see the Haloumi back! Maybe….

Lou D


The Late Club at the brühaus

Last Friday afternoon, we were pondering what else we could do on a Friday night to jazz things up a bit.  Essentially, Friday is a really busy day for us, loads in for breakfast, lunch and by 4pm our locals head in for an after-work beer, too.  Our wee bar is pumping – which is great of course, but we thought there might be something else we could do to entertain our friends later on a Friday night – so with Alex’s Mum’s banana cake as sustenance, we put our heads together and created the brühaus bar late club!

In a nutshell, our late club is exactly that!  A chance for our night owls to come out for some amazing drinks specials, get some quality groove time with our friend DJ Lee and generally shake off the week gone.  Our first go at this last Friday proved to be exactly what our friends wanted so we’re doing it again!

Once I’ve come up with some great offers for this weeks club, I’ll post them here and on our facebook page and twitter account.

See you Friday!

Lou D



Morning folks….


We’re running another Grab One deal today, for tomorrow… St Patrick’s Day!

If you go to the Grab One site – – then click on the Wellington region and across to the pubs and bars tab, you’ll see us!

Essentially, we’re doing a two for one deal on our Guinness and other tap beers, but only for St Patrick’s Day!  One of our $9 Grab One vouchers gets you TWO pints of Guinness (or any other tap beer you’re keen on)!

Pretty good huh?

So head on over… this link will take you right there!


Lou D

St Patrick and the Snakes

Super close to St Paddy’s day now!  And as per usual for us, we’ve got something pretty spectacular cooking up for you using our lovely promo partner – Grab One.  We can’t say what it is, but if you love beer – and I mean truly love beer, then you’ll love this!

So, aside from this fabulous deal we’ve got, and largely because we are NOT an Irish bar in the slightest, we thought we’d have some fun this St Patrick’s day, regardless of our Non-Irishness and run with some slightly, quasi Irish themed madness on our menus!  These will be up here later today and if you’re coming in for breakfast we can absolutely take reservations, but once we rock through to lunchtime at 12pm, it’ll be all go and sadly we won’t be able to take bookings.  This also means that our current menus will be scrapped for the day in favour of our green and orange inspiration!

Personally I am well looking forward to it!

Lou D


BEER AND BANDWIDTH! (aka free wireless, here, right now!)

It’s absolutely true!  We have free wireless here at the bruhaus!   It’s something we’ve been wanting to organise since we opened and we finally managed to get it sorted!

Of course, like everything, most technical things have their limits and more often than not you only really find out about those limits when you’ve pushed them.

But for now, when you come down to the bruhaus for breakfast, lunch, afternoon drinks – whenever – bring your interwebs type device with you and get your hooks into our bandwidth!



PS – sorry if it breaks down and doesn’t work… if that does happen, please let one of our guys know, who probably won’t be able to fix it but will be very apologetic, anyway!


As I’m sure the whole world knows, it was the NZI sevens this weekend past and man did we party it up with everyone on Saturday night!

Our normal existence is the quiet yet stylish craft beer bar you come to for amazing beers, delicious menus, a yarn to your mates after work, a celebration of a birthday or some other event – I’m sure you get the idea.  This is what we are and we are exceptionally proud of it.

But, given it was a big weekend for Wellington, we thought we’d get into the spirit of it.  Build an outdoor bar, get an awesome DJ to play, run some great specials and promotions, all of that fabulous stuff and fabulous was the result!

We were packed!  It seems everyone wanted to come check us out on Saturday night!  We had people dancing inside and outside, both bars in hot demand, happy faces and lots of interesting costumes!

Big thanks to those who came to visit and party with us, we hope you had as much fun as we did!  We’ve got some photographic evidence to post up here; that should be done by the end of today!

See you all again soon!

Goodbye, halloumi!

All the preparation in the world could not have prepared us for today.

We were so excited about our new menu, I think, actually, we forgot about the planning and run through testing of it!

So, if you were one of our guests today who did not have an amazing lunch experience, we really do apologise.

After a big team meeting, we went through all the feedback and made a plan of how to resolve it.  So a win for our team and a win for you!  The next time you come – we promise we’ll be far better prepared.

One of the things we’re changing effective immediately, is the removal of halloumi from the menu.

I know, some of you really loved the halloumi, but in reality, it’s one of those things that in an un-busy situation, it’s easy as pie to serve perfectly.  But on a day like today – and we hope there will be more busy days to come, there are some adjustments we need to make to our kitchen and our prep plans, before we can manage our fabulous new and fuller menu, with halloumi as part of the family.

Another question we’re pondering.  Is it acceptable to ask for larger groups, say eight or more, to pre-order with their booking?  Today we had a fabulous group of 15 in for lunch, but we feel we really let them down with delays in getting their orders out and at the right time.  What do you think?  If you were lunching with us in a large group, would you be ok with pre-ordering? Y’know, give us a head-start and all that?

Comments and feedback very welcome!  The way we figure it, we can only get better by learning from our customers and as a new business with some very big shoes to fill in Wellington, striving for perfection by being honest and transparent, admitting our mistakes and celebrating our wins, really is the only way to do it.


Happy Wednesday,

Lou D